Using Digital Media within the Suite of TELT Services

When to use

The suite of TELT services offers many ways for you to host and share educational digital media such as audio, video and images with staff and students.

This page explains the technical and educational advantages and disadvantages of each TELT service, to help you identify the best service for your learning and teaching requirements.


There are many advantages to using TELT services for digital media such as images/audio/video. They include:

  • sharing of digital content between staff and students, in a common online environment
  • online submission of digital content for assessment purposes.


Choosing the TELT service that best fits your learning and teaching requirements, and then using the tool in a way that facilitates genuine learning, can be quite challenging. Ask yourself:

  • Are your students really reviewing and learning from the content?
  • How will providing digital content affect the way you deliver your lectures?
  • Does your digital content stay online forever?
  • Have you considered potential accessibility issues?

Getting started

Step 1—Identify your requirements

Common questions include:

  • What media types will best serve your pedagogical requirements? Images, Audio, Video, all of the above?
  • What interaction will your target audience require? Viewing/streaming content, downloading content, editing content?
  • Will you be disseminating information, accepting information, or both?
  • Do your students need to be able to submit/upload content?

Step 2—Identify the system that best meets the requirements

TELT Services include:

  • Moodle—Learning Management System
  • UNSW Lecture Recordings—Echo360
  • UNSWTV—Digital media management platform
  • UNSW YouTube channel—Video streaming platform

Step 3—Set up the service as required

Online support resources and face-to-face training sessions are available.

Most faculties and/or schools have TELT support staff, educational designers and/or educational technologists available to assist.

Step 4—Integrate the service into your overall teaching strategy for a seamless experience

Digital media use in online teaching

The most common online teaching scenario involves using the Moodle Learning Management System as an online hub, coupled with links to other supportive online systems such as UNSW Lecture Recordings.

In this model, staff upload their digital media into the digital media service, and then share this with students through Moodle via a plugin or embedded link.

Digital Media Sharing and Moodle


Other scenarios may avoid the Moodle LMS as the central learning environment, and use another system that better suits users' needs.

TELT services comparison - functionality

Service Primary Purpose Recommended File Size Limit Displayable Media Connectivity Audio/Video Streaming Staff/Student
Lecture Recordings Audio/video lecture recording 400 MB Audio/video Echo Block and Echo360 Link Activity in Moodle, Access URLs Yes Yes Yes
Moodle Learning environment 200 MB hard limit per file All (hosting only) Accepts Blocks, URLs, Embed Codes, Files No Yes No
UNSWTV Video streaming 700 MB Audio/video Access URLs, Embed Codes Yes No No
UNSW YouTube Video streaming Inherited from UNSWTV Inherited from UNSWTV Access URL Yes No No
UNSW Media Collection (TBD—Pilot) Visual gallery Inherited from Moodle Audio/video/image Media Collection activity in Moodle No Yes No


TELT services comparison - accessibility

Service Login Access Restrictions Staff Use Student Use Access duration Public Access?
Lecture Recordings zPass Student enrolments based on course code Instructors Viewing or downloading Throughout semester No
Moodle zPass Student enrolments based on course code Instructors / Teaching Assistants / Tutors Embedded content is streamable, most content downloadable Throughout semester No
UNSWTV None / zPass None/Course Code/School/Faculty Media owner and chosen agents Viewing and submitting Ongoing Yes
UNSW YouTube None None Inherited from UNSW TV Viewing only Ongoing Yes (Always)
UNSW Media Collection (TBD - Pilot) Inherited from Moodle Student enrolments based on course code Instructors / Teaching Assistants / Tutors Viewing and submitting Throughout semester No