Assessment and Feedback

The UNSW Assessment Policy provides detailed guidance on assessment approaches and strategies at UNSW.

In the Assessment Toolkit you will find ideas, guidelines and practical strategies on all aspects of the assessment process. 

  • Designing Assessment
    Topics in the Designing Assessment section deal with the broader aspects of assessment design, reflecting the principles of assessment AS learning.
  • Assessment Methods
    In the section on Assessment Methods, there are topics dealing with tasks and activities for diverse purposes, diverse student groups, and diverse contexts of learning. 
  • Grading and Giving Feedback
    Topics in the section on Grading and Giving Feedback include practical advice and strategies on interpreting and marking students' assessment performance, and engaging them in the critical feedback process.
  • Reviewing Assessment Quality
    The section on Reviewing Assessment Quality provides a broader perspective on the cycle of assessment quality from design, through implementation, to reviewing of grades and learning outcomes, all informing improvements to design.
  • Spotlight on Assessment at UNSW
    Current practices and scholarly research in assessment within the Faculties are highlighted in the Spotlight on Assessment at UNSW section.

For a complete list of topics in the Toolkit, see the Assessment Toolkit Index of All Topics.

A good place to find out which resources can help your assessment practice is the Assessment Toolkit at a Glance page.