Assessment Methods

The selection of appropriate assessment methods in a course is influenced by many factors:  the intended learning outcomes, the discipline and related professional standards, the context of the course and its relationship to other courses, the level of study, the characteristics of the students, the available resources, the delivery mode of the course, and so on.  

The integration of technologies into assessment can provide opportunities to enhance student experiences and diversify the range of options available for students to learn and demonstrate their learning. Equally, technologies enable staff to reconsider learning and teaching approaches, introduce innovative assessment methods and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of assessment.

Here you will find resources on diverse assessment methods, for diverse contexts of learning and teaching, and with diverse students. A useful beginning point in determining the optimum mix of assessment methods is the resource on Selecting Assessment Methods.  Importantly, the selection of assessment methods and their implementation in teaching courses is only one part of the cycle of quality assessment processes.

Selecting Assessment Tasks

In this video, Dr Adele Flood from the Learning and Teaching Unit discusses selecting assessment tasks.

[See Transcript of video]

Resources include:

Selecting assessment tasks

Selecting assessment technologies