Award and Citation Recipients

UNSW Success

2017 AAUT Awards

Innovative and inspiring approaches to student learning, developed by UNSW Sydney’s passionate and committed teaching staff, have been recognised in national awards for teaching excellence.

Four UNSW staff were presented with awards at the 2017 Australian Awards for University Teaching ceremony, held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney on Thursday. The UNSW winners are Associate Professor Gigi Foster, Dr Lauren Kark, Dr Louisa Smith and Dr Pramod Koshy. For more information, see the UNSW Newsroom.

2016 Citation Recipients

In 2016 UNSW received 4 prestigious Australian Awards for University Teaching in recognition of outstanding contributions to student learning in Australia.  

Dr Rebecca LeBard

For engaging students in the practice of 'being a scientist' and taking a scholarly approach to helping students overcome obstacles in learning scientific inquiry.

Dr Leila Morsy

For influencing, inspiring, and motivating university students to become transformative secondary school teachers through realistic, case based, simulation learning experiences in a caring, university classroom-based environment.


For leadership and innovation that has transformed the teaching of economics, inspiring multidisciplinary first-year students via immersive experiential learning and empowering them to succeed.

Dr Nalini Pather

For embedding dialogue and reflection as integral to learning anatomy in a blended environment, that promotes inquiry-driven application of concepts to authentic life scenarios.


2015 OLT award recipients

Congratulations to the following recipients from UNSW:

Award for Teaching Excellence

Category: Humanities and the Arts 

Mr Simon McIntyre 

Director, Learning and Innovation , Art & Design



Simon McIntyre is a multi-award winning educator, passionate about improving the effectiveness, quality and relevance of the student learning experience through innovative and pedagogically driven integration of technology.

His commitment to helping students and educators around the world develop essential digital literacies is at the heart of his teaching philosophy. He considers these capabilites enable them to actively engage in global, cross-disciplinary collaborative online networks where learning is enhanced by sharing knowledge, experience and curiosity with a diverse cohort of peers.

The potential of such wolrdwide, networked learning drives Simon's innovative approach to teaching and scholarship, along with his commitment to helping other educators develop their own capabilities and skils. he has led the design and management of several innovative professional development programs, and initiated internationally successful open education initiatives such as widely used open education resources, the mulit-award winning Learning to Teach Online (LTTO) project and Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Through these initiatives Simon continues to innovate his own teaching, and to develop his leadership in the field of online education. His work inspires and influences many students, as well as hundreds of thousands of educators in a range of disciplines - locally, nationally and internationally. 


2015 OLT citation recipients

Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning recognise and reward the diverse contributions made by individuals and teams to the quality of student learning.

Congratulations to the following recipients from UNSW:

Dr Natalie Buckmaster

Senior Lecturer,

School of Accounting, UNSW Business School.

For developing professional capabilities of postgraduate students through 'The Living Classroom' which inspires by immersing students in activities representing the real world of accouting.

Professor Alexander Steel

Associate Dean,


For enhancing the quality of legal education through national leadership in the development of educational standards, assessment methods and curriculum frameworks.

Dr Martin Bliemel


UNSW Business School.

For preparing students studying management to become entrepreneurs by creating authentic and respectful learning experiences that immerse students in collaborative interactions with external stakeholders.

Mr Dean Utian

Sessional Academic

Faculty of Built Environment

For empowering built environment students to develop digital communication, design and creative expression skills through innovative use of video and games in authentic collaborative environments.