Building Your Teaching Case for Academic Promotion

Building your teaching case

At UNSW we encourage academic staff who can demonstrate sustained excellence in research, teaching and service to apply for promotion, a process that occurs annually. When you apply for promotion, you will be expected to put forward a case for teaching, as well as for research and for service. The following links will help you build this case.

  • HR - Applying for promotion
    The University's Human Resources (HR) website is the official source for academic promotion forms, schedules, policies and guidelines.
  • HR - Promotion Toolkit (PDF 60 kB 17 pages)
    You can find information on how to put forward a case for promotion in the Promotion Toolkit. The toolkit details the areas you should address in building your teaching case, as well as possible sources of evidence to include.
  • HR - Seminars and workshops
    The University offers a comprehensive series of seminars and workshops each year to help applicants develop their applications.
  • Faculty websites
    We encourage applicants to seek support from within their Faculty and School. Consult your Head of School, and any colleagues who have experience in promotion - whether from sitting on promotion committees or from recently being promoted.

Articulating your teaching rationale

As you teach, and as you come into contact with other teachers, educational research and different learning environments, you form unique understandings of, and attitudes to teaching. Over time these build into what you might call a philosophy of teaching. The following links help you articulate that philosophy for the purposes of providing the teaching rationale required in applications for promotion:

You might also find this page on Gathering Evidence of your Teaching Practice useful.