L&T Forum 2011, Semester 1

This Forum was held 5 May 2011 as part of our UNSW Learning and Teaching Forum Series.

Assessment as Learning

This Forum:

  • focused on assessment as an integral part of learning
  • explored the role feedback plays in assessment
  • showcased some technologies that can help us assess learning and improve feedback
  • identified areas for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our assessment practices.

Event Resources:

  • Keynote: "Learning oriented assessment, what it is and how to do it", Associate Professor David Carless, University of Hong Kong Presentation (Google Docs) Video
  • Spotlight session: " Peermark/Grademark", Dr Shawn Ross, FASS, UNSW: Presentation slides and Video
  • Spotlight session: "Assessment toolkit", Belinda Allen and Tim Allen, Learning & Teaching @ UNSW: Presentation
  • Interactive session: Summary notes and Full notes
  • TELT Pilot Projects for Session 2, 2011
  • Agenda