1st Nov 2017, 8:45am to 4:00pm

Learning and Teaching Forum

Educational Excellence: Transforming Futures

This year, the Learning and Teaching Forum consisted of two events over two days.

We had an outstanding program of presentations, where over 50 UNSW academics provided an opportunity to share insights, ideas and strategies on how educational excellence though the domains of the Scientia Educational Experience will transform student learning experience at UNSW. 

The Forum’s Poster Gallery showcased 15 examples of effective teaching practice from academic and professional staff across the University and was also an opportunity for thought-provoking discussions and sharing ideas for improving student outcomes at UNSW.   Congratulations to Adina Stan and Mahnaz Armat for their winning poster (as voted by Forum attendees), “Blended Learning - Best Practice for a Dynamic World?”.  You can view all of the posters here.

"I found the Learning and Teaching forum very well-organised and the sessions insightful and thought-provoking. It was a unique opportunity to exchange thoughts and share ideas with other educators."  Forum attendee.


View the keynote presentation by Professor Grace Lynch here


1. Learning and Teaching Forum
(1 November)

The 2017 Learning and Teaching Forum will explore how the UNSW community is shaping the future of higher education through engagement with the strategic priority of educational excellence (A2) .

The Learning and Teaching Forum will focus on three of the domains of the Scientia Educational Experience: Inspired Learning through Inspiring Teaching, Communities and Feedback and Dialogue

The 2017 Learning and Teaching Forum program is now available.   

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2. Pre-Forum workshops (31 October)

Pre-Forum workshops will consist of information sessions on educational technologies. The program is available at the registeration link below.

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For Poster Presenters

Templates and guidelines are available here for you to use to help in the development of your poster. 

Event Details
Public Event open to all
300 Seats available


John Niland Scientia Building, UNSW Kensington Campus


Key Contact
Learning and Teaching Forum Committee