UNSW Learning Analytics & Data Science in Education Research Group



The UNSW Learning Analytics & Data Science in Education Research is an interdisciplinary group consisting of UNSW and local (Sydney area) academics and professional staff interested in the area of learning analytics and data science in education.

There are three key aims of the research group:

  • build capacity across UNSW to carry out multidisciplinary research in education by leveraging on the different areas of expertise; 
  • provide a pivotal role to enable the development of research from institutionally-driven initiatives and support the UNSW learning and teaching strategic priorities; 
  • to position UNSW, both nationally and internationally in the areas of learning analytics and data science research with the aim of attracting high calibre HDR students and analytics researchers.

The group is focused on interdisciplinary research across seven interdependent themes in blended, open, and online learning:

  1. student activity, engagement and motivation;
  2. modelling student interactivity in learning and teaching environments;
  3. evaluate current teaching practice and learning design;
  4. use and apply data mining, machine learning and predictive analytics;
  5. integrate social network analysis and network modelling tools;
  6. improve feedback practice and personalise learning; and
  7. enhance data literacy and evidence-based practice.

The research group is led by Drs Lorenzo Vigentini and Andrew Clayphan from the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) Portfolio and meets fortnightly on Tuesdays from 3:30pm-5pm. The first part of the meeting will generally be a seminar presenting different perspectives and application of LA/EDM techniques. The second half will be a business meeting of the group focusing on sharing ideas and work on possible collaborations. If you would like to join this research group or would like more information please contact Lorenzo Vigentini l.vigentini@unsw.edu.au


Upcoming meetings

LA-EDS seminars will resume in February 2017.


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Past Meetings 2016

Nov 22 - Assessing the Impact of Different Blended Learning Resources on Student Achievement and Course Experience - B. Spehar (UNSW, School of Psychlogy) [Video Recording and PDF slides of the session]

Nov 15 - Design as Invitation to Interaction - X. Ho (CSIRO) [Video Recording and PDF slides of the session]

Aug 30 - The journey towards goal driven learning in MOOCS - S. McIntyre (UNSW, Art & Design) [Video Recording and PDF slides of the session]

Aug 2 - FutureLearn: What Data We Get, How We Can Represent It and What We Can Learn From It - M. Chitsaz (UNSW, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) Portfolio) [Video Recording and PDF slides of the session]

Jul 19 - Research opportunities and grants: creating interest groups - M. King and L. Vigentini (UNSW, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) Portfolio) [Video Recording and PDF slides of the session]

July 5 - UNSW Business Intelligence: Data Architecture and Data Governance - K. Carruthers (UNSW, BRIDG) [Video recording and PDF slides of this session]

June 21 - Different Sides of MOOCs: Comparing Perceptions of Experience Across Platforms  - L. Vigentini and C. Zhao (UNSW, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) Portfolio) [Video recording and PDF slides of the session]

June 7 - Participatory Design of a Learning Space and Learning Analytics - S. Knight & T. Dirndorfer Anderson (University of Technology Sydney, Connected Intelligence Centre) [Video recording and PDF slides of the session]

May 24 - Exploring the Influence of Student Support Initiatives on Academic Success: a multilevel modelling approach - M. Stone & T. Walton (UNSW, Student Life and Learning) [Video recording and PDF slides of the session]

May 10 -  Can Students Learn From Imperfect Analytics - K. Kitto (Queensland University of Technology, Institute for Future Environments & Faculty of Science and Engineering) [Video recording and PDF slides of the session]

April 12 - Bottom-Up Growth of Learning Analytics at Two Australian Univeristies - D. Liu (Macquarie Univeristy, Learning and Teaching Centre) [Video recording and PDF slides of the session]

March 29 - Social Network Analysis, Learning Analytics and Learning Design - P. Vlachopoulos (Macquarie University, Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences) [Video recording available shortly and PDF slides of the session]

March 15 - Toward Reliable Automatic Assessment of Domain Expertise - S. Oviatt (Incaa Design, Director) (Video recording and PDF slides not available for this seminar)

March 1 - How Could Assessment Data Be Used To Enhance Assessment Practices? - G. Crisp (UNSW Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Education) [Video recording and PDF slides of the session]

February 16 - Using Academic Data to Personalise Support, Feedback and Learning - A. Bridgeman (University of Sydney, Educational Innovation) [Video recording and PDF slides of the session]

February 2 - Deploying a Dashboard for MOOCs - L. Zhang (UNSW Learning and Teaching Unit) [PDF slides of the session]

Past Meetings 2015

December 8, 2015 - 'Research Forward': Exploring practical uses of analytics @ UNSW - L Vigentini  (UNSW Learning & Teaching Unit)

November 24, 2015 - Evaluating the student experience in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): methods, problems and insights - C. Zhao, L Vigentini  (UNSW Learning & Teaching Unit)

November 10, 2015 - Show me my data! Assessment analytics visualisation in Review at UNSW - Danny Carroll (UNSW Business School)

October 27, 2015 -  MTFeedback: providing notifications to enhance teacher awareness of small group work in the classroom - Dr Roberto Martinez Maldonado (UTS) & Andrew Clayphan (UNSW)

October 13, 2015 - Two short talks:

1) Discrimination-Aware Classifiers for Student Performance Prediction - Ling Luo (University of Sydney)

2) Detecting Students at Risk of Failing - A/Prof Irena Koprinska (University of Sydney)

September 29, 2015 -  Business Intelligence and Analytics v Learning Analytics – Opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas and practices - A/Prof. Olivera Marjanovic (Business School - University of Sydney). The presentation will be followed by a discussion session and collaboration opportunities [PDF slides of the session]

September 15, 2015 -  Learning analytics: the student perspective - Dr Linda Corrin (University of Melbourne) [PDF slides of the session]

September 1, 2015 - Videos in the curriculum – What does the research tell us? - Dr. Negin Mirriahi (UNSW) & Dr. Abelardo Pardo (University of Sydney) [PDF slides of the session]

August 18, 2015 -  Combining Empirical and Machine Learning Techniques to Predict Math Expertise using Pen Signal Features - Dr Jianlong Zhou (NICTA) [PDF slides of the session]

August  4, 2015- Learning in the MOOCs and learning from the MOOCs - Dr. L Vigentini & Dr. N. Mirriahi (UNSW Learning & Teaching Unit) [PDF slides of the session]