Key Stages for Developing a MOOC

For information on the key development stages of a UNSW MOOC,
please see the MOOC SEF grant application process.

Copyright and licensing of MOOC content

Whether you are offering a course on campus, online or as a MOOC, you need to obtain copyright and licensing clearances. Copyright clearance should be carried out in consultation with UNSW Library.

The individual, the faculty and the institution are all responsible in some way for obtaining licences and observing copyright of materials used in MOOCs:

  • Individuals must secure licence clearance for all copyrighted materials and resources. Documented copyright clearance and licensing is essential, including documented copyright clearance of your own work.
  • Faculties and academic course leaders must ensure that all content and materials used in the MOOC are cleared for licensing.
  • UNSW as an institution is also accountable and needs to be assured that all licensing and copyright is cleared before any materials are developed or used.