Contacts for Support with Moodle

Support for staff - where to get help with Moodle

This page tells you where you can get help when you are using UNSW Moodle and you encounter technical or non-technical issues.

I can't log in to Moodle.

If you cannot log into Moodle, please contact the UNSW IT Service Centre at:


Internal to UNSW: x51333
Within Australia: (02) 9385 1333
International: +612 9385 1333

Support hours:

Monday–Friday, 8.00am–8.00pm EST
Saturdays–Sundays, 11.00am–2.00pm EST

I don't have access to my course in Moodle.

Teaching Courses

If you can login but cannot access your course in Moodle, you should contact the TELT administrator in your faculty/school. Access to Moodle courses is granted by TELT Administrators through myUNSW.

Self Enrolment Courses

If you have been asked to enrol yourself into a self enrolment course the course administrator will provide the password (an 'enrolment key') to access the course.  Self enrolment courses have a default enrolment duration of 120 days.  If you have lost access to your self enrolment course please contact the course owner as they will need to authorise/organise the extension of your access by contacting the IT Service Centre with a note that the course you are trying to access is a self enrolment course.


When you set up a sandpit you can specify the users you wish to access to it. If you need to add additional users after the initial creation send a service request to the IT Service Centre. If you require users to be added on an ongoing basis, request self enrolment keys by completing the Moodle Self Enrolment Course Request form.

For more information on course types please refer to the page Course types and how to request Moodle courses.

I get an error message in Moodle, or, I need help with how to use a feature.

Before contacting External TELT Support, did you know that this website contains many How-to resources?

Contact External TELT Support (Netspot). This service centre hosts the Moodle servers and can handle technical enquiries and queries on how to use the system immediately; it also logs all calls for support and when needed directs issues to the appropriate UNSW support team.

To help them investigate the issue, include the following details in your email, or have them ready when you make your phone call:

  • your name and staff ID number
  • the program you are teaching in, e.g. MBT, Australian Graduate School of Management, UNSW
  • the full name of the course you're teaching
  • the Moodle course URL
  • if the issue relates only to a certain part of your course, the activity or resource URL
  • your computer type, operating system, Internet browser and version details (i.e. PC laptop, Windows XP, Internet Explorer 8)—see the following page for information about Moodle system requirements
  • whether or not you are using a UNSW SOE (Standard Operating Environment) computer
  • a brief description of the issue you are experiencing
  • a description of the steps you performed immediately before the issue arose
  • any useful screen grabs, or the text of any error messages.


Internal to UNSW: x53331
Within Australia: (02) 9385 3331
International: +612 9385 3331

Support hours:

Monday–Friday, 8.00am–10.00pm EST
Saturdays–Sundays, 9.00am–5.00pm EST

I need help with educational or course design.

If you require assistance with educational or course design:

  1. This website contains many useful pages on Curriculum Design, eLearning and Teaching Practice.
  2. Attend a Teaching with Moodle Drop-in session.
  3. For further assistance, submit an enquiry.

I want Moodle training.

Please see our TELT training workshops page for a list of currently available training.

Or book a one-on-one session to discuss a specific question or upcoming project: book a consultation