Moodle Dashboard

The Course Overview block (aka Moodle Dashboard) has been updated in Moodle 3.3.

Staff and students can still use the course overview block in the center of their Moodle dashboard to access their courses, check their progress and view upcoming deadlines.

The way the courses are displayed has changed from the previous long list, to two tabs focused on a timeline approach or a course life-cycle approach. Please see below for more information.


The Timeline tab

The Timeline tab displays upcoming activity due dates, if due dates have been set for that activity. Activities displaying in the timeline can be sorted by dates or by courses.

Clicking on the link next to the due date of the activity, e.g. 'Answer the questions' will take the student directly to the activity page, where they can complete and submit the activity.

The Courses tab

The Courses tab displays a list of the student's in progress, future and past courses. Next to each course, if the progress bar for the course has been enabled for chosen activities by the course administrator, students can view a percentage icon indicating their progress in the course. 


All Moodle courses have a start and end date, in the control of the instructor. If not updated, the start date is the day the course was created by the school TELT Administrator, and the end date is left blank.

It is very important that the start/end dates are kept up to date, as they control whether the course exists in the In Progress, Future or Past tabs. If the end date was left blank or set in the future, it will be in the In Progress tab.

A course end date of 23 November 2017 has been set for teaching courses in teaching periods up to Semester 2, 2017 so that the courses are correctly displayed in the Past tab after the Moodle upgrade.

For teaching courses starting from Summer Semester, 2018, every course will have an end date of 8 months from its start date automatically added when the course is created in Moodle.

From Summer Semester 2018, every course will have an end date of 8 months from the date it was created in Moodle. Each faculty/school will manage the end date according to their business requirements.

Supported and unsupported activities

Not all activities will be displayed on the Moodle dashboard. The following table summarises which activities and resources will or will not be displayed on the dashboard. 

Activity/Resource Can display on Moodle Dashboard
Choice Activity Yes
Chat Yes
Blackbaord collaborate Yes
Database Yes
External Tool Yes
Feedback Activity Yes
Forum Yes
Glossary Yes
Lesson Yes
Quiz Yes
Lecture Recordings+ Yes
Wiki activity Yes
Workshop activity Yes
Book Yes
Page Yes
Label Yes
Turnitin No
Dialog No
Group selection No
H5P interactive content No
Media collection No
MoodleRooms forum No
OU Blog No
OU Wiki No
Questionnaire No
Reading game No
Scheduler No
Team builder No
Lightbox gallery No