End of Semester Moodle Course Checklist

Support for Moodle Instructors

Have you made your course unavailable?

Go to the Edit settings page, and at Availability select This course is not available to students.

Have you downloaded any required data for future reference?

For the purposes of student record keeping certain course data must be saved for future reference. This is the responsibility of all course instructors.

Download Gradebook data

Gradebook data can be downloaded and stored for future reference. Follow the Gradebook instructions to download all or some of the data.

Download discussions

Whole forum discussions can be printed, or just the parts you want.

Download assignment files

Assignment files and attachments can be downloaded and stored for future reference. To find out how to download all relevant files for an assignment follow these offline review instructions.

Have you made an offline backup of your course?

It is recommended that instructors create a backup copy of their courses outside Moodle. To do this follow the backup instructions on the course rollover page.