Moodle - Feature Requests

Feature requests

UNSW Moodle has a regular update release cycle that enhances current functionality, or brings new functionality, to Moodle.

Staff can raise a Feature Request to have any requirements that they have identified to be included in a future release.

To view a list of Feature requests for the TELT systems, please click here.

If you have a Moodle feature request, please use the following process. We are currently working on the introduction of a community voting system, which will supplement the below process.

Feature requests that use LTI integration

If you are submitting a feature request that uses LTI integration, please review the LTI Guidelines prior to submitting your feature request.

Submission of feature requests

  1. Submit your request to your Faculty ADE and TELT Business Advisory Group representative.
  2. Your representative should then log this feature request via our Feature request form.
  3. Feature requests will be discussed amongst the Faculty ADEs and LMS Strategy Subcommittee members.

Review of feature requests

Feature requests will be collated on a monthly basis and reviewed by the TELT Business Advisory Group.  The TELT Business Advisory Group upon reviewing feature requests will advise TELT of which feature requests they believe should be implemented.  TELT will consider the input from the subcommittee and other factors (e.g. timing and other projects) to prioritise feature requests.

Status updates on your feature request

Your Faculty ADE or representative is responsible for reporting the outcomes of new feature requests back to the requestor.