Further TELT Resources, Training Workshops and Webinars

Self-directed learning and support materials for staff
For staff using the printed version of this page, all the links can be accessed from the following URL: https://teaching.unsw.edu.au/moodle-further-learning-resources

Online Courses and Resources

Self-paced Moodle Tutorials

These self-paced Moodle tutorials contain resources and examples of activities. Feel free to explore and ask questions in the Q&A forum. Enrolment keys can be found in the course description.

Moodle resource sites

These Moodle sites contain resources and examples of activities. Enrolment keys can be found in the course description.

Additional online courses and resources

  • MediaUcreate A self-paced tutorial on producing media for education
  • Discover Moodle This self-paced course will help you to familiarise yourself with the Moodle interface and tools. Enrolment key is Discover_Moodle
  • Teaching online An online self-paced program (developed by the Epigeum group). Enrolment key is Epig_Stud
  • Moodle Makeover Course – After and Moodle Makeover Course – Before are an excellent visual representation of the value of online course design. Perhaps suitable for a sharing practice session? (Enrolment keys: After Makeover, Before Makeover)
  • Planning your use of Moodle course:  This course is designed to allow participants to work through the topics at their own pace. Perhaps useful for a sharing practice or blended learning session? (Enrolment key: planning_course)

TELT Online Support

Online Community

TELT webinars
The purpose of our monthly Webinars is to demonstrate new Moodle functionality, and to allow everyone the opportunity to engage with one another, share experiences and discuss Moodle issues.
To access these (and an archive of previous sessions) you should enrol into the Staff eLearning Forum. The enrolment key is Staff_forum

TELT Group in Yammer
You can participate in a Yammer network of UNSW TELT users to share issues and ideas.

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