Moodle Releases

Moodle Release - January 2018 Hosted Release (Emergency)

  • UNSW3-312 - Apply HOSTED-500: local_perf_info: Still track if a request has printed a body
    Affects System - Fixes an issue that prevents Blackboard's metric system from tracking each page load accurately.

Moodle Release - January 2018 Client Release 1

  • UNSW3-245 - qtype_formulas: Fix for format validation warning (3.3)
    Affects Staff/Students - Fixes format validation issue for formula quiz question type so that the answer guide is displayed.
  • UNSW3-282 - mod_forum: Fix additional cell in forum posts appearance
    Affects Staff/Students - Fixes an alignment issue in the displayed list of forum posts.
  • UNSW3-291 - mod_assign: fix upload of multiple feedback files from zip
    Affects Staff - Enables Instructor to add feedback to downloaded assignment submissions and then upload the feedback files back to assignment activity after marking.
  • UNSW3-299 - theme_unsw_new: fix edit activity menu for Label activities
    Affects Staff - Aligns the "Edit" button in Label activity so the complete list of options in the dropdown list is displayed.
  • UNSW3-300 - theme_pvce: Change z-index so pop-up shows over docked calendar div
    Affects Staff/Students using PVCE theme - Displays an event pop-up on top of the Calendar block when the block is docked.
  • UNSW3-303 - mod_mediagallery: Fix widescreen support for Media Galleries in activities
    Affects Staff/Students - Fixes an issue where widescreen videos are overlapped some images on the page in Media Gallery.
  • UNSW3-212 - Apply BASE-2374: format_socialwall: Socialwall format V2016022200 for Moodle 3.3
    Affects Staff/Students - Enables Moodle Socialwall course format as a choice in the course format settings.
  • UNSW3-286 - mod_quiz: Grace period functionality message for Quiz Preview
    Affects Staff - Enables Instructor to preview the grace period for a quiz without switching user roles or using login as.
  • UNSW3-293 - theme_unsw_new: Theme update 4.0.2
    Affects Staff/Students - Improvements to UNSW theme.
  • UNSW3-295 - enrol_database: Implement changes to the student feedback template
    Affects Staff - Feedback template tool improvements to remove an icon from the description and allow for HTML to be placed under the feedback link.
  • UNSW3-298 - block_progress: Allow multiple instances per page
    Affects Staff - Enables multiple instances of the progress bar block when restoring courses. Previously only one instance of the block can be restored to a new course.
  • UNSW3-304 - Merge latest HOSTED branch
    Affects System - Applies system and security patches.
  • UNSW3-248 - config: Track block settings for role unswgadmin (3.3)
    Affects UNSW Global Administrator - Enables UNSW Global Admin role to add all Moodle blocks.
  • UNSW3-292 - lang: local_blackboard: Update assigngradingwarning language string
    Affects Staff - Updates the Help text in the grading interface for Moodle assignment when preview is not available for a submission.
  • UNSW3-294 - config: remove echolink addinstance permissions for all roles except manager
    Affects Staff - Hides the EchoLink activity in the list of activities/resources as it is no longer used.