Build Courses in Moodle

Support for staff

When building a course from scratch in Moodle, there are key steps to take and decisions to make.

The following diagram outlines the recommended process. Click each link to open information and instruction pages. We recommend that you proceed step by step, but depending on your needs you may wish to jump ahead.

Step 1

Orientation to Moodle

Start by reviewing the information in this section of the UNSW Moodle support site.  Read why we are moving to Moodle and learn about the layout of a Moodle course.
Step 2

Learn about different course types and how to request them

Read this section to learn how to request the creation of:

  • a teaching courses
  • a non-teaching/non-award self enrolment course, or
  • a sandpit course
Step 3

Design and edit your course

Read this section to learn how to:

  • plan and design your course
  • select Moodle tools to achieve desired learning outcomes
  • structure a course in Moodle (including choosing a course format)
  • edit your course
  • add activities, resources and assessment tools
Step 4

Bring content into your teaching instance

Read this section to learn how to import content from a sandpit into the official teaching course.

Step 5

Facilitate and deliver the course

Read this section to learn how to facilitate and deliver a course in Moodle.