Frequently asked questions


  1. What is Lecture recording+?
    UNSW Lecture Recordings+ (LR+) is an educational technology that supports engaged learning in lecture-based courses, flipped classrooms, and blended or fully online courses.
  1. Do I need to login to the LR+ site?
    No. This is done by adding the UNSW Lecture recording+ Activity in Moodle. The tool enables you to link to lectures of courses for which you have instructor access.
  1. Has it been tested at UNSW?
    Yes. The ALP has been trialled in multiple courses across four faculties for the past two years. The platform has been designed to ensure that staff and students will seamlessly switch to the new service without holdups.
  1. What are the new benefits?
    LR+ is an agile and dynamic learning environment that offers multiple benefits to both the instructors and learners. To view the integrated student engagement tools, compare learning with and without LR+ and to choose the implementation strategies for your class,  click here
  1. Can I access my past recordings from ALP?
    Yes. You will still have access to past recordings but all access to ESS will be lost when the system is turned off at the end of this year. 
  1. Can I opt out of recording?
    Yes. Once you opt out, your lectures for that class will not be recorded. Note that you can also choose to record, and not make the recordings available to students. Staff can manage this from myUNSW or by contacting their school timetabling staff. Please consider the following reasons for recording your lectures:
  • Sharing with specific students who have personal cases that justify this requirement, such as inability to attend due to illness
  • Sharing with all students prior to the exam period to support their lecture revision
  • Keeping the lecture recordings for your own self-reflection
  • Keeping the lecture recordings as evidence for future promotion
  • Keeping the lecture recordings for use in a future semester, for example to "sub in" for a day you are unavailable to deliver a lecture
  1. Which venues are suitable for LR+?
    To view the list of venues that are enabled for lecture recording, please click here
  1. What policies should I be aware of when using LR+?
    The following policies will assist you to make informed decisions while planning for lessons:
  • Archive policy
  • Opt-out policy
  • Copyright policy
  • Privacy policy
  • Click here for more information on these policies.
  1. What should be done if I have multiple roles in an LMS?
    If you are an instructor as well as a student in your institution, you can change the role from an instructor to student using the menu bar of the ALP site.  Note that ALP and Moodle are two different platforms.
  • Click on your name on the top right hand corner of the menu bar.
  • Click Change
  • Change role to desired type


  1. What are some of the key features that can help me get started?
  • Dashboard – shows an overview of all courses for which you have instructor access. The instructor can also view if students have posted any new questions or identfy students who are falling behind class and look at the overall engagement data of the course. You can also review past classes or prepare for the upcoming class. 
  • Library – displays a list of all resources that you have uploaded to LR+ or resources that have been shared with you.
  • Courses – displays a dropdown menu of all courses that you can access.
  • Classes – lists all the lectures of the course. The term used by LR+ for lectures is classes.
  • Q&A – this is used to post questions to students, endorse questions and respond to their questions or discussions.
  • Analytics – provides real time data on how students are engaging with the resources in the class. This can be viewed for the whole class or for individual students.
  • Settings – can be used to enter more details and descriptions of the course.
  1. What does LR+ offer?
  • Interactive slides with embedded activities.
  • Discussions panel allows instructors and learners to post questions and endorse answers that are correct or highlight questions that need more attention. Note that when learners post anonymously, the details of the person are only anonymous to the class and not to the instructor.
  • Confused flags allow learners to indicate confusion over slides or any part of the video. This can be viewed later in the Analytics.
  1. When and how can I use analytics?
    The analytics of a course is calculated by measuring the engagement of students with 6 different components. These are; Attendance, Video views, Presentation views, Q&A, Notes and Activities. The weighting of these 6 components can be adjusted on the ALP site.
    Data from this feature helps instructors to decide on:
  • Important elements of the class
  • What caused students to engage more
  • What interested the students the least etc. 
  1. What should I do if I link an incorrect lecture recording to my course?
    You will be able to link to the correct course or delete links to an incorrect course by clicking on "Reset Moodle Link" located in the "Classes" tab of your course. Once this is done, you will have to navigate back to the course main page and click on the LR+ activity to link to the correct course. 
  2. Can I utilise the interactive features of UNSWLR+ for my tutorials or for a class apart from scheduled lectures?
    Yes, however, note that creating a class on ALP does not schedule a recording automatically. You can use the "New Class" option of UNSWLR+ to use it's interactive abilities. For more information on creating new classes, please click here

Sharing Lectures

  1. Can students download the LRs?
    Yes. This will be possible if your recordings are configured to "Available when complete" in myUNSW.
  1. How can I share my lectures in Moodle?
    The lecture recordings are automatically available to students if this has been opted for in myUNSW. You will need to add the LR+ activity in your Moodle course so that students can access the lectures.
  1. Can I modify the lecture recordings?
    Yes. Navigate to the video you want to edit, click on the video icon and select edit video.
  1. Can the lecture videos be made unavailable?
    Yes. This can be configured in the “Availability” settings of the video. You can choose to make the video available to certain students only or after a certain date. 

MS PowerPoint (PPT)

  1. Will animations and transitions in my ppt work on ALP?
    Unfortunately, all animations, transitions, equation and molecular structure generating abilities will either be lost or altered when ppts are uploaded to ALP. 
    However, this can be avoided if you present your lecture using the normal ppt instead of uploading it on ALP. Since LR+ will record the screen on the primary projector, you can deliver the lecture from a ppt file in your storage device (USB or desktop). You may also choose to use the ppt slides and the interactive activities of LR+ simultaneously and this will be recorded accordingly depending on the content that is projected on the screen.
    In addition, you can also download the ppt ribbon (windows users only). This will allow you to maintain the animations, transitions and other builds while delivering presentations using LR+.
  1. How can I upload ppt to LR+ platform?
  • Navigate to the class to which you want to attach the ppt.
  • Click on the add presentation button and upload ppt from storage device. Note that a class on ALP can only have one ppt presentation.

    A detailed step-by-step explanation can be found in "Teaching with PowerPoint" under Getting started.
  1. Can PowerPoint slides be edited from the ALP site?
    Yes. LR+ allows you add/delete slides, add media slides or add an activity slide.
  1. Can I embed interactive activities in ppt slides?
    Yes. The following activities can be added to your presentation.
  • Multiple choice
  • Short Answer
  • Image quiz
  • Ordered list
  • Numerical questions

Support & Assistance

  1. Where can I go for support and assistance?
    To get assistance on the use of the various tools of LR+, you can