Support contacts for UNSW Lecture Recording+

This page tells you where you can get help when you are using UNSW Lecture Recordings+ and have queries/issues that need to be addressed.

I am in a lecture recording theatre, and need help with the equipment

If you are experiencing a problem with the audio/video, lights, speakers or other venue equipment in a lecture theatre contact:

  • CATS Venues - call extension 54888 or (02) 9385 4888
  • Non-CATS Venues - call your faculty/school IT or AV support team

If you are experiencing a problem with the computer at the front of lecture theatre, or have brought in your own laptop and need assistance, contact:

  • UNSW IT Service Centre -  call extension 51333 or (02) 9385 1333

My students are not able to connect/access UNSW Lecture Recordings+

UNSW Lecture Recordingsservice issues

In the scenario that staff and students are both unable to access the UNSW Lecture Recordings+ service, or both have a degraded service, it is likely that a widespread issue has occurred. We recommend that you:

  • Call the IT Service Centre on 51333 or (02) 9385 1333, or via email to The UNSW IT Service Centre will notify relevant parties, including the UNSW TELT Support team.

Uniwide connectivity issues

The UNSW Lecture Recordings+ service depends on a minimal level of wireless bandwidth being available to students, so that they can download the PowerPoint at the start of the lecture, answer interactive questions and write/save notes to the service.

Consequently if your students are complaining of wireless issues, and this does not settle down within the first five-ten minutes (which is when students connect their personal devices and download the PowerPoints), we recommend that you:

  • Check our venue listing page, to see if we recommend using the active learning tools in this location
  • Call the IT Service Centre on 51333 or (02) 9385 1333, or via email to

Note: The desktop computer at the front of the room does not use Uniwide, so lecturers should not be affected by wireless capacity issues.

Student device issues

Some students may have issues on their personal device, such as their favourite web browser may have a corrupt browser cache, or a security software may be blocking the website. This will typically only affect a small fraction of students in your class, which should distinguish the issue from other issues such as wi-fi or service issues. 

Such issues can be hard to troubleshoot in real-time, due to the nature of a lecture, the variability in a student device and history, and the number of students in a lecture theatre. For this reason, where possible, the best options are:

  • Ask the student to install and use another web browser and/or device as a work-around
  • Ask the student to contact the IT Service Centre on 02 9385 1333 (so that they can perform basic troubleshooting and rule out common issues)
  • Ask the student to contact an IT professional, to performed advanced troubleshooting


I need help with how to use a feature

Support for using the UNSW Lecture Recordings+ service can be obtained via:

  • Teaching Gateway support pages
  • Echo360 support pages (accessed within the interface itself, via the gear in the top right corner of the banner)
  • Call the IT Service Centre on 51333 or (02) 9385 1333, or via email to

Note: Depending on the enquiry/issue, the UNSW IT Service Centre may escalate tickets to UNSW TELT Support or other support teams. 



I don't have access to my course in UNSW Lecture Recordings+

Teaching Courses

If you can access UNSW Lecture Recordings+ via your course in Moodle, but you cannot see the course you are teaching, you should contact your timetabling staff in your faculty/school. Access to UNSW Lecture Recording+ is controlled via Class Maintenance in myUNSW.

If your school timetabling staff are unable to help you, please contact the IT Service Centre on 51333 or (02) 9385 1333.

Supported browsers and operating systems


Recommended browsers include:

  • Google Chrome - Latest Version
  • Firefox - Latest Version
  • Safari - Latest Version
  • Internet Explorer 11 and higher (including Edge, the Windows 10 native browser)

Recommended browser settings:

  • Cookies should be enabled (failure to do so can result in the system asking you to log in again)
  • Pop-ups should be allowed
  • Javascript should be enabled

Recommended browser behaviour: 

  • Add-ons and toolbars can affect any browsers performance and it is recommended that these are not installed where possible.
  • Browser cache can become corrupted over time and it is recommended that you clear your browser cache before contacting technical support.

Operating Systems

Recommended operating systems:

  • Windows 7/8/10
  • OS X Yosemite/El Capitan/macOS Sierra

For more information click here.