Higher education institutions are more and more often being asked to demonstrate the quality of their educational provision. In response, we've redoubled our efforts to improve teaching and learning, and to assure assessment standards. We review the quality of our assessment processes as a fundamental part of our ongoing cycle of quality assurance and improvement. 

Assessment practices at UNSW have been recognised for their quality and innovation in diverse ways.  Many staff have contributed to the Assessment Toolkit based on their experiences of implementing innovations and evaluating their assessment approaches.  The UNSW case studies of practice highlighted within the Toolkit span all dimensions of assessment.  Here you will also find more formal research and scholarly investigation of assessment, including edited refereed papers by many UNSW contributors who have taken up the call to engage in an ongoing dialogue around assessment.

The following pages provide information and step by step instructions to help you create assessment activities within UNSW Moodle 3.

Why use a group task?

A group task can be a valuable learning experience.

  • Students can learn a lot from each other.
  • Group tasks can produce broader and deeper learning outcomes for individual students.
  • Working in teams is an essential skill in many work contexts.