You need to provide evidence of the quality and nature of your teaching practice in various situations—when you are preparing your teaching case for promotion, for instance, but also when you are applying for awards, grants or fellowships.

This sheet provides advice on preparing the written statement required for an Australian Award for University Teaching (AAUT) Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning. You may want to print it out to keep beside you as you draft your statement.

The Nomination Instructions state, “This component is limited to four A4 pages and describes the nominee’s contribution to student learning in line with the selected criterion, providing evidence to support claims.”

At UNSW, learning and teaching awards, grants and fellowships are an important part of recognising the contributions of academic staff to innovative teaching practices, program excellence and initiatives that enhance learning.

The process of applying for an award provides an opportunity to reflect on the principles and scholarship that underpin your teaching practice. The receipt of an award is evidence of your impact on student learning and is an important component of a teaching portfolio and career advancement.