The Education Focused (EF) career model will help deliver our UNSW 2025 Strategy by fostering educational excellence, and offers a new career path for academics who are talented and passionate teachers. Teaching capabilities across the University will be enhanced through a greater focus and sharing of pedagogical research and teaching innovation. An education focused approach will also provide the University with the ability to develop or engage renowned experts in Higher Education to provide teaching leadership and mentoring.

This part of the Teaching Gateway website has been created to support teaching staff at UNSW in their teaching and professional development. The following pages contain orientation, administrative information and practical support to help you thrive as a teacher at UNSW:

Find in the section of the website, information to support you in your teaching role at UNSW:

On this page you can find support resources and study opportunities available for higher education scholarship and research.

As part of the May 2012 Learning and Teaching Forum: Assurance of Learning, you are invited to develop posters that explore issues in and/or approaches to the design of standards-based assessments to influence student learning. 

UNSW Library

Specific journals and databases on learning and teaching are available from the UNSW Library website. The interdisciplinary nature of higher education (HE) research means all Library Subject Guides can be used to locate scholarly resources. The Subject Guide for Education provides an overview of education specific resources.

For further assistance:

Our learning and teaching forums are designed to bring together the university community to explore a key priority in learning and teaching. These are held regularly - usually twice per year - and include Faculty events leading up to the Forum.

These forums typically aim to:

The Graduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching (GCULT) focuses on the development of teaching capability in Higher Education (HE). The program is designed to help both new and experienced UNSW teaching and educational development staff develop a scholarly approach to teaching and student learning.

The program draws ideas from practice as well as educational theory. It is designed to meet the needs of busy teachers from diverse teaching and educational support settings.

Courses are designed to:

The purpose of FULT is to introduce participants into UNSW practices and philosophies of learning and teaching to enable them to contribute to networks and collaborations, and to advance educational excellence across the organisation and to develop their ability as reflective practitioners. Participants of the FULT program will develop foundational knowledge and skills for professional practice and/or further learning and/or research in higher education learning and teaching.

Here you can find professional development opportunities in education for UNSW staff:

Education focussed careers

Education Focussed Careers are being rolled out at UNSW.

Peer review of teaching

The UNSW Peer Review of Teaching process commenced in Semester 1, 2017.