The virtual medical classroom has come alive with the launch of Smart Sparrow, adaptive e-learning technology developed at UNSW that takes the patient - and the teacher - to the student.

Adaptive eLearning Platform

UNSW upgraded to Turnitin Direct Version 2 plugin using the new Feedback Studio view, in November 2016 as part of the Moodle 3.1 upgrade.

Assignments created with Version 1 of the plugin are still available however no new Version 1 assignments can be created. The Feedback Studio view now applies to both version 1 and version 2 assignments.

In student-centred teaching, determining how your students will learn is where you as the class teacher have the most influence.

To provide student-centred teaching, you need first of all to know who your students are. Students in your classes are likely to come from a range of diverse backgrounds. They will have differing aspirations, levels of motivation, attitudes towards teaching and learning and responses to specific classroom environments and teaching practices.

At UNSW, we encourage you take a student-centred approach to teaching. With student-centred-teaching, what your students do is as important for their learning as what you as the teacher tell them.

UNSW has received a "glowing review" from AUQA with auditors commending the University's development in a number of key areas including governance and management, research training and internationalisation.

UNSW Library

Specific journals and databases on learning and teaching are available from the UNSW Library website. The interdisciplinary nature of higher education (HE) research means all Library Subject Guides can be used to locate scholarly resources. The Subject Guide for Education provides an overview of education specific resources.

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UNSW aspires to continuously improve our position as a leading research-intensive university in the Asia-Pacific region, focusing on contemporary and social issues through defined strengths in professional and scientific fields.

We seek to make a significant contribution to the development of knowledge, to learning and teaching, to our students and to society.

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