The following pages provide valuable information for teaching throughout the semester.

Getting off to a good start is very important; first impressions can make a big difference to how readily your students engage with your course.  When you begin teaching, think about how you will create a classroom environment conducive to learning, develop a rapport with your students,  build trust and respect, and clarify your expectations.

Thorough preparation is the key to a successful Semester's teaching. Preparation doesn't all take place before the Semester starts—it's an ongoing process, responding to changing circumstances, student and teacher needs, administrative requirements, available technology and, for some courses, changing course content.

The following pages provide advice for sessional teachers about what to do:

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The Developing Students' Writing and Developing Student's Group Work  skills pages propose strategies that teachers can use, as well as resources, further reading and case studies.

The Student Guide to Online Study provides guidance for students on how to make the most of online study.

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Support for Staff

For general information about UNSW's approach to learning and teaching, including our mission, strategy and roles see Learning and Teaching at UNSW.

For more specific information see:

This part of the Teaching Gateway website has been created to support teaching staff at UNSW in their teaching and professional development. The following pages contain orientation, administrative information and practical support to help you thrive as a teacher at UNSW:

At UNSW, we encourage you take a student-centred approach to teaching. With student-centred-teaching, what your students do is as important for their learning as what you as the teacher tell them.

Find in the section of the website, information to support you in your teaching role at UNSW: