Find in the section of the website, information to support you in your teaching role at UNSW:

At UNSW, learning and teaching awards, grants and fellowships are an important part of recognising the contributions of academic staff to innovative teaching practices, program excellence and initiatives that enhance learning.

This is a resource to support Sessional Teachers at UNSW in their teaching and professional development. Sessional teachers are an essential part of our learning and teaching community bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise to the university campus. Their presence enhances the quality of student educational experiences and contributes to our diverse and rich academic environment. 

What is a sessional teacher?

Sessional teachers are staff members employed to teach on a session-by-session basis, in any capacity and at any level across the university.

Welcome! You are now part of our rich and diverse learning and teaching environment. We encourage you to participate, contribute and benefit from the many events, courses and programs organised throughout the year. UNSW is a research-led institution, which offers the potential for you to link your teaching and research, and to engage in the scholarship of learning and teaching.

UNSW teaching staff can apply for 3 different types of learning and teaching fellowships.

Learning and teaching grants provide opportunities for UNSW staff to undertake collaborative research and development projects that are focused on current institutional priorities, as well as issues of importance in learning and teaching in higher education.

The process of applying for an award provides an opportunity to reflect on the principles and scholarship that underpin your teaching practice. The receipt of an award is evidence of your impact on student learning and is an important component of a teaching portfolio and career advancement.