Video series - Stressful Situations

In these videos, teachers talk about dealing with difficult students, or students having problems in class or in a course.

Once you start teaching, you will have many competing demands on your time. Workload and tiredness are likely to be issues, as well as less predictable events such as personal problems, health issues or distractions that shake your confidence in yourself as an effective teacher. It is very important that you develop strategies to balance your workload and manage your time effectively, and that you take the time to care for your own wellbeing.

Support for Students

Support for Staff

Here you can find professional development opportunities in education for UNSW staff:

Education focussed careers

Education Focussed Careers are being rolled out at UNSW.

Peer review of teaching

The UNSW Peer Review of Teaching process commenced in Semester 1, 2017.

Building your teaching case

At UNSW we encourage academic staff who can demonstrate sustained excellence in research, teaching and service to apply for promotion, a process that occurs annually. When you apply for promotion, you will be expected to put forward a case for teaching, as well as for research and for service. The following links will help you build this case.