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This part of the Teaching Gateway website has been created to support teaching staff at UNSW in their teaching and professional development. The following pages contain orientation, administrative information and practical support to help you thrive as a teacher at UNSW:

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Welcome to the Teaching Gateway, a resource designed to support teaching at UNSW. Staff with editorial publishing rights, can Log In and update information on this website. Our Site Map provides an overview with links to all the main pages in this site.

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UNSW aspires to continuously improve our position as a leading research-intensive university in the Asia-Pacific region, focusing on contemporary and social issues through defined strengths in professional and scientific fields.

We seek to make a significant contribution to the development of knowledge, to learning and teaching, to our students and to society.

All staff and all organisational units of the University share responsibility for the enhancement of learning and teaching. However, particular responsibilities in relation to the governance of learning and teaching are assumed by:

Strategy from 2015-2025

UNSW has embarked upon an extensive consultation process as part of an ambitious agenda which will see the University into 2025.

This process started with a call for ideas and suggestions in February 2015 and was formalised into a document known as the ‘Green Paper’ in April 2015.

The submissions and feedback from the Green Paper have been refined and integrated in the University’s draft strategy, the ‘White Paper’ which was released in July 2015.