the Box

theBox is UNSW's online media management service, which allows you to manage and share audio/video/images and documents directly within Moodle and on other websites.

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Step 1

Introduction to theBox

System requirements and supported file formats

How do I access theBox?

When to use theBox vs Moodle Media Collection activity vs Moodle File Picker

Best practices and naming conventions

theBox releases

New feature requests

Known Issues

Step 2

Organising and uploading content in theBox

  • creating collections
  • creating galleries
  • uploading media to theBox
  • restricting content
  • copyright settings
  • moving media between collections and galleries
  • upload close captioning files

Upload/remove videos from YouTube and create YouTube playlists

Step 3

Share your content with course participants

Share your content on a website

Designating another UNSW staff member to manage your media

Share a specific media item with an external user

Step 4

How to roll over content into a new Moodle course.

Step 5

Get Help

theBox FAQ


Contact Us

Note: theBox service is also known as the Box or the-Box.