theBox - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upload to UNSW YouTube channels from theBox?

Refer to this page for more information.

Why can't I find a user to add as an agent to theBox content?

The most likely cause is that the user you wish to add has not logged into theBox. Ask the user to log into theBox and retry.  If this doesn't work please contact us by submitting a ticket to

How do I request content to be taken down from theBox?

If you would like to request content to be taken down from theBox and you are not the content owner please send an email to

In your request please specify:

  • Title of video
  • Link to video
  • Reason (copyright violation, inappropriate material, etc.)

We will review your request and respond accordingly.

How do I change the copyright of a media item once it's uploaded?

At this time it's not possible to update the copyright. If you need to modify the copyright please delete the item and reupload.

How do I upload documents and audio from my iPad?

Unfortunately you cannot upload audio or document files to theBox on iOS. This is a limitation of IOS. On iOS you will only be to access the image/video library categories and not the actual filesystem. If you need to upload audio and document files you will need to via your desktop.

How can I replace an video without breaking external links?

You may need to make an edit to a video file and reupload it to the same asset without breaking links on external sites or Moodle.


  1. Log in to theBox and navigate to your video.
  2. Click the "edit" button to edit the settings.
  3. Scroll to the "Source Video" section and click "Upload File".
  4. Follow the normal process to upload a video which will replace the current video. Take note that the old video will not be available while the replacement is processing.


  • While the replacement video is being processed, the old video will not continue to be available on Moodle, YouTube or theBox.
  • Videos that were on YouTube are removed during processing. The replacement is uploaded to YouTube once it is transcoded.
  • Videos that were in a YouTube playlist are removed from the playlist. Once the replacement has been uploaded to YouTube it will be appended to the playlist. Order is not preserved as theBox currently does not support controlling the order of a YouTube playlist.
  • As most replacement videos will have sections removed or added this may break the timing of closed captions and the future implementation of annotations or timeline commenting. Care should be taken if these features are be utilised by the video and captions updated accordingly.

Why is my video not displaying correctly

When you upload a video to theBox the system attempts to match display settings as closely as possible to the original video. If the original video has unusual settings that aren't supported, e.g. filmed with a portrait rather than the usual landscape aspect ratio, then your video may appear stretched or compressed in theBox. Currently, theBox only supports the upload of videos with landscape aspect ratios.

Why can't I download documents via podcast?

theBox podcast galleries allow the automated download of documents to a pod-catching program such as iTunes. However not all pod-catching programs can support the large range of documents that theBox supports.

The most common pod-catching program, iTunes, only supports the podcasting of PDF and ePub file types. For this reason theBox podcast galleries are restricted to only serve PDF/ePubs via podcasting. Other document file types can be uploaded but are not served.

If you have uploaded documents into a podcasting gallery and they are not downloading to your pod-catching program, you may be using a filetype (eg. docx) that is not supported. We recommend using PDF/ePub instead.

What does the view counter record?

The view counter sits at the top of the page when viewing theBox pages for images, documents, audio and video. The counter increments when the page is loaded, and records the number of total page views.

The counter has a short timer that acts as a safeguard to minimise inaccurate data. For example, re-visiting the page multiple times in a small period of time will only result in the view counter incrementing once.

Note: The page view counter does NOT record playbacks of a audio/video file. This data is not currently available, though future feature requests may enable this functionality.


I cannot add my videos to a Youtube Playlist using the Library Picker. Why is that?

Staff can use the Library Picker to select and add videos to a Youtube Playlist within the UNSW eLearning or UNSW Community Youtube channels.

There are two requirements for the video to appear within the Library Picker:

  1. The video must have already been uploaded to theBox
  2. The video must have already been uploaded to Youtube

Therefore if you have uploaded a video to theBox but you cannot find it in the Youtube Playlist Library Picker, you will need to visit the video and ensure it has been uploaded to Youtube.