UNSW Teaching Fellowship Grants

Applicants for UNSW Teaching Fellowship Grants will be individuals seeking to develop their leadership capabilities in relation to learning and teaching by leading and managing a major educational change project, aimed at improving aspects of learning and/or teaching across the schools in one or more faculties including their own.

A maximum of $200,000 per grant is available with $100,000 each semester for 2 semesters.

The successful outcomes of a UNSW Teaching Fellowship Grant can be used as evidence of effective leadership in future promotion applications and/or applications for external Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) research and development funding, including OLT National Teaching Fellowship funding.

Application process

  1. Familiarise yourself with the UNSW L&T Strategy 2014–2018 (to be published shortly).
  2. Check your eligibility and the selection criteria in the information booklet.
  3. Discuss your intention to apply with your faculty and obtain their support.
  4. Develop a project proposal using the UNSW Teaching Fellowship Grant Application Form.
  5. If you need support developing the project proposal, contact the Learning and Teaching Unit.
  6. Obtain faculty endorsement for the project proposal from your Head of School, General Manager and Dean.
  7. Submit your faculty endorsed project proposal to LandTgrants@unsw.edu.au. Note the closing dates (see page section below).
  8. All project proposals are assessed and ranked by the UNSW L&T Grants Selection Committee.
  9. The DVC(A) determines and announces which project proposals will be funded.

Closing dates

Proposals for projects to be funded by a UNSW Teaching Fellowship Grant will be called for ONCE in 2015 for commencement in January 2016.

Call for Proposals 15 June 2015

Close for Endorsed Applications 3 August 2015

Assessment and Ranking of Endorsed Applications 12 August 2015

Notification of Outcomes to Applicants 31 August 2015


Further information and advice

Contact the Learning and Teaching Unit for help preparing project proposals and applications. Make sure you discuss your plans with your faculty and obtain their support \before you prepare your project proposal.